About Us

Dr Terry grew up in New Zealand and played every sport you can imagine growing up, whilst having a keen interest in the outdoors and living by the ocean. He played representative basketball and rugby growing up. He then followed his passion of health and fitness, attaining a Certificate, a Diploma in Exercise Sport Science at AUT and working as a personal trainer and gym manager for many years. Terry decided to then pursue a career as a Chiropractor after experiencing firsthand, the benefits of Chiropractic after receiving care for an injury that left him debilitated for 18 months.

Terry has gained years of experience and knowledge, having worked on the North Shore, then living in Hokitika with his wife (Dr Siobhan) to start and run a very successful practice for 2 years, that is still running and operated by Siobhan’s father. Some of his former patients would later travel to London to see him and Siobhan. Terry then moved to London with Siobhan and spent the next 8.5 years there. Having worked at various practices over their 8.5 years, they were able to pursue their goal and buy the very first practice they had worked at in London, Notting Hill in 2018. Here they would establish themselves and end up running a very successful and thriving practice that supported the local community of Portobello, Notting Hill, and many Londoners. Adjusting and working with many famous people, Olympic, Commonwealth athletes and every type of person or nationality under the sun. This practice was very hard to leave, but after Siobhan became pregnant earlier this year, the decision was made to move back home. They sold their practice “Chiropractic Alchemy” and were pleased to leave this in good hands, selling to a colleague and former New Zealand graduate, as they set up the NZ branch here in Milford.

Terry, along with his wife and 3-year-old son, Elijah, have now just returned home to raise a family here on the North Shore & really get involved in the community, providing good quality Chiropractic care. Dr Terry specialises in manual adjusting, Diversified and uses components of various techniques after completing post graduate courses in SOT (Sacro occipital technique) Cranial and TMJ techniques and applied Kinesiology. He also uses Active Release/muscle release techniques to help aid adjustments looks at movement patterns and how to train weaknesses. Terry comes from a family passionate in overall health and wellness and has a brother that is also a Chiropractor.

Dr Siobhan grew up in the west coast of the South Island, and Christchurch. Being one of seven children with a Chiropractic father specialising in Applied kinesiology, she grew up a very active healthy lifestyle and only truly realised in her teens how much impact Chiropractic care had on her and her entire family. Siobhan played every sport under the sun; including competing in Athletics at a high level, netball, and ballet, and discovered she wouldn’t get injured or as sick as her friends would, and recovery time seemed to be significantly faster. 
Spending 12 months in South America on an exchange programme at age 16, she realised just how lucky she was to come from New Zealand and have access to the healthcare she did. This confirmed her decision to want to study to become a Chiropractor, and at the New Zealand College which has an emphasis on a holistic approach to healthcare.

After graduating in 2012, Siobhan worked in Auckland and then moved to Hokitika with Terry to set up a thriving practice under her father’s company for 2 years before making the move to London, UK to learn and travel more. 
In London, Terry and Siobhan gained experience from practicing in a variety of practices and ended up buying the first practice they worked in, which allowed them to build a thriving practice helping people from all over the world, specifically the Portobello and Notting hill community. 
After 8.5 years and becoming pregnant with their second child, Siobhan knew she wanted to move back to New Zealand to raise their kids in a healthy lifestyle, closer to nature and family. 
Experiencing first-hand the benefit of Chiropractic care from a young age, Siobhan is passionate in helping babies, children and families achieve optimum health and has studied postgraduate courses in Sacro-occipital technique, Cranial and TMJ techniques, Paediatric care, pre and post-natal pregnancy care, applied kinesiology and nutrition.
Siobhan has a very hands-on approach to treatment, using a variety of techniques depending on what the individual needs at that time. 

We are very passionate about helping you achieve optimal health through Chiropractic and natural healthcare and look forward to helping you achieve yours and your families health goals.